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We are pioneers in low-energy IoT, Software Development, Microelectronics, and Artificial Intelligence. We focus on product design and development, customization, and system integration.
In addition to our demonstrated skills in the Software field, we have experience in special projects delivered in the Security and Air Transport sectors.

Private Sector


Public Sector


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Our production and development laboratories are updated to the latest technology. This enables us to design, develop, and implement customized solutions of the highest quality that cater to the specific needs of our clients.


We offer specially designed solutions for special needs


We build products through our own research & development system

Research and Development

We unlock the potential of new ideas through data collection and automated experiments


We work on devices that keep up with the latest in the ICT industry

Aviation and Transport

We provide X-rays, ATMs, SQUID magnetometers and airport design

Bitcom IoT provides extensive Artificial Intelligence solutions that effectively connect software, machine learning, and cloud operations to hardware equipment to offer real-time visibility and analysis, enhancing operations.


Solutions implemented

Our portfolio in product development and solution implementation ranges from single-function detection sensors to large-scale electric vehicle charging stations or artificial intelligence technologies for public and private sectors.

Air quality

Sensors and monitoring systems

Weather stations

Data analysis and monitoring systems

Detection A.I.

Artificial intelligence detection and monitoring systems

EV Charging

Customized and portable charging stations and solutions

Utility drones

Surveying and surveying


Analysis and management, software development

Radar detectors

Satellite and Ground Radar Systems


Civil and military optoelectronic equipment


Digitization of government institutions
We offer high-performance, state-of-the-art solutions, such as Control and Command Centers for all sensors, installed in one place.

Harness the power
of tomorrow's technologies

Own products
  • =Air quality monitoring systems
  • =Parking systems
  • =Blocking parking sensors
  • =High capacity charging stations
  • =Heat exchangers
Software Solutions

Command and Control software that integrates:

  • =Video surveillance: Bosch/Axis
  • =Fire detection systems
  • =Access control systems
  • =Perimeter security solutions
  • =Vibration sensors
Anti-terror solutions
  • =Explosive and drug detectors
  • =Metal detectors
  • =X-ray scanning systems
  • =Portable x-ray scanning systems
  • =Truck scanning systems
  • =Bird radars
  • =Biometric gates
Airport solutions
  • =Leak detector
  • =Proximity detector
  • =Weather systems
  • =Surface radar

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Bitcom IoT specializes in the development of complete IoT systems, thought from the initial software components, to the integration of cloud and hardware applications. We help you find the optimal hardware and software solutions.

Our products and services are in accordance with the highest quality standards of the industry:

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 27001


National and International Certification of
Quality Management System.