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EN ISO 9001 – TÜV AUSTRIA CERT CMGH – National and International Quality Management System Certification.

Bitcom IoT specializes in the development of complete IoT systems, thought from the initial software components, to the integration of cloud and hardware applications. We help you find the optimal hardware and software solutions.

Our products and services are in accordance with the highest quality standards of the industry:

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 27001

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Our production and development laboratories are updated to the latest technology. This enables us to design, develop, and implement customized solutions of the highest quality that cater to the specific needs of our clients.

As the qualitative norms and standards in technology are continually evolving, our approach is fundamentally based on continuous quality (CQ). Thus, we aim not only to maintain but also to improve the solutions we offer throughout the duration of our collaboration. We focus on continuous testing, monitoring, and frequent updating to ensure that our IoT technology meets a high standard and satisfies our clients' expectations.

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Our team brings together specialists with vast expertise in both technical fields and software development. This allows us to internally cover the entire process of creation and implementation of Bitcom IoT solutions. 

Our engineers are responsible for designing and implementing customized hardware solutions, ensuring the optimal integration of our IoT devices into the desired environment. 

Technical department manage the practical aspect of the services with precision and efficiency, taking care of the installation, configuration, and maintenance of these devices. 

Software developers closely collaborate with the team, creating customized platforms and applications that enable monitoring, data storage, analysis, and real-time control of IoT devices. 

Through the synergy of these dedicated professionals, we succeed in offering you complete and integrated solutions, turning concepts into functional IoT reality.