The world is constantly changing, and so are the needs of each business.

Bitcom starts from absolute freedom in customizing the solutions offered, so as to cover the entire range of client needs, while being scalable and secure at the same time. In this collaborative process, a long-term professional dynamic is consolidated, where trust and dedication are priorities. 

This type of open partnership allows us to deeply understand the specific challenges of each business, as well as to integrate IoT solutions more easily and efficiently into existing systems, and to have greater flexibility in adapting to market or regulatory changes.



Hanwha Qcells is a major manufacturer of photovoltaic cells.


Development, adoption and compliance of communication protocols in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


InnovX – BCR

The experience of scaling through our program is more than just trying to reach your goals.

Phoenix Contact

Electrification, interconnection, automation: we are your key partner for the interconnection of sectors.


Leading manufacturer and marketer of heavy duty power tools.

Amazon Web Services


Global digital security company, protecting millions of customers worldwide.


It manufactures professional connectivity equipment for international markets

Magus Protect

Security systems based on innovative technology

Tora Security

Online store of surveillance, security, detection and automation systems.

Aeroport Craiova

International airport 

Secunet Project

Provider of complete and complex security and safety systems

Primăria Sector 3

State institution 

Primăria Sector 5

State institution 

Primăria Sector 6

State institution 

Compania Municipală Parking București

Road, bridge, tunnel, parking or garage maintenance services, bicycle parking, winter storage of vehicles (caravans)