Our contribution extends to both the public and private sectors, as both stand to gain from IoT integration.


Automatic Entrance Parking

The PARKO-IN parking entry machine is a high-performance device that is placed at the entrance to a parking lot. This terminal works on the basis of tickets, issued either by pressing a button or automatically, when a car appears in front of it.


Automatic Exit Parking

The PARKO-OUT exit machine is a terminal located at the exit from the parking lots, which has the role of scanning the ticket and validating the exit if the parking fee has been paid.


Automatic Parking Payment

This PARKO-PAY payment machine accepts both coins and banknotes and SMS or bank cards as payment methods.


Parking Access Barrier

PARKO-GATE barriers are designed to control high traffic flow and parking spaces. The ideal solution for heavy driveway services (residential parking control) and intensive use (public parking control) even in special and difficult climatic conditions.