The future is here!

Our contribution extends to both the public and private sectors, as both stand to gain from IoT integration.

CNC - Mechanical processing

CNC (computer numerical control) is a computer numerical control system that aims to automate otherwise manually operated equipment. Through an algorithm that records the operating instructions of the equipment (grinders, 3D printers, factory tools, etc.), this system increases the productivity of a repetitive production.

Pick-and-place machine

"Pick-and-place" equipment enables the controlled and automatic placement of electrical components on printed circuit boards (PCBs). With their help, resistors, capacitors, microchips, integrated circuits, etc. can be assembled. at a substantially higher speed than that associated with manual operation and with much higher accuracy.

Custom PCB design

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the main element of most modern electronic devices, used for both mass and small-scale production, in sectors as diverse as medical, automotive, military or aerospace. They comprise small electronic materials such as resistors, diodes and conductive elements printed on a board.  


3D Printing

3D printing, based on resin and filament, involves the delivery of finished, three-dimensional products according to a digital template. Following the predetermined product design, the machine places the materials layer by layer, which retain their desired shape after curing. If a final product with complex details and smooth or glossy surfaces is desired, then work with 3D resin, while when much larger pieces are needed, filament is the more suitable solution. 


Design and Prototyping

With the help of design and prototyping services, an idea can be easily penciled in, but also tested, refined and validated before reaching the hands of consumers. Does the product effectively solve the audience's needs? Is it intuitive, engaging and friendly? The user is put at the center of the experience and many subsequent revisions can be anticipated, saving time and budgets. The repetitive process, carried out with the support of our technical experts, provides fast and transparent feedback cycles, keeping the traceability of the project evolution.