Custom PCB design and multi-layer manufacturing

Our contribution extends to both the public and private sectors, as both stand to gain from IoT integration.
Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the main element of most modern electronic devices, used for both mass and small-scale production, in sectors as diverse as medical, automotive, military or aerospace. They comprise small electronic materials such as resistors, diodes and conductive elements printed on a board.
By customizing the PCB after analyzing the requirements, the electrical materials and circuits of a device are combined in a compact way, saving space. Multiple (three or more) superimposed copper conductive layers can be obtained, joined together at high temperatures in an industrial furnace to remove the air between them and melt the brazing agent. One of the layers is the interconnect circuit between the microchips, capacitors, connectors, etc., which the pick-and-place machine automatically mounts.


3D design

Processing and supply of finished products

An increased performance and density, which helps to work better and faster

Cost effective, benefiting mass production

Easy to assemble and handle, reliable and durable, reducing inspection time

Orders can be fulfilled within 10-14 days, including delivery in the country.